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FHIT Sports

"Providing Direction For Athletes, Families & Businesses In The World Of Sports"

Flexx Sports is a company of coaches, competitors & athletes.  But more importantly, we’re athletes who are driven by helping others. 

We began with helping athletes on the playing surfaces and in the training rooms.  We then expanded, by providing athletes and their families with direction to reach their goal.  On this journey, we learned to help the coaches and administrators run more successful business practices by developing tools and features in a sports software platform.  

With over 20 years of trial and error in developing sports management and player development companies, we are now excited to offer our services to the sports world.    


    Welcome to Flexx Sports Consulting & Software Solutions.  We provide athletes, families and sports businesses with direction, through our sports software solutions and products. 

    FHIT Sports Offers Direction In:

    • Flexible Scheduling Software
    • Content Management Software 
    • Group Event Management Software
    • Video Analysis Software